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Battle Map - Pack 2


Battle Map Pack: Bundle 2

Get your players immersed in the game with four detailed, immersive battle maps. Each can be used as your campaign dictates, or with the adventure seeds provided (See below).

Boarding Ship

Cycle of Death

Gargoyle Altar

Underground Lair


HD gridded maps (some with lighting effects) for home play. (PDF and JPG)
Ungridded, low file size maps (some with lighting effects) for VTTs. (JPG and PDF)
4 Adventure seeds, providing history and variable goals to adventurers or DMs who use them.

Underground Lair - Adventure Seed

This is the greatest place I’ve ever slaughtered! I mean, it’s kind of leaky and a few of the tunnels have too much debris, but I think that just adds to the charm. Without a doubt, it’s way better than anything you’ve ever found.

If the refugees were correct, there’s also some kind of treasure room or two sealed away behind secret doors. Before you know it, I’ll have both a better lair and more treasure than you. There’s a reason our parents loved me more. I feel the need to remind you of that.


P.S. Kill the messenger if you want. He’s a traitor.