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Wolves of Steadwick


For months, no one has heard from Steadwick Island. Silence grows and rumors begin to circulate. Finally, a group of heroes is sent to investigate the island. A sprawling mystery unfolds with lies and danger abounding. As the group explores, horrors and death begin to mount. It is unclear if the heroes are able to get themselves out alive, let alone combat the evils infesting the island.

Wolves of Steadwick is an open-ended mystery/horror for 4th-6th level characters.

-18 to 30 hours of gameplay that fits into any setting
-3 New alchemical items
-1 New poison
-3 New magical items
-3 New monster stat blocks
-New Injury table that can be used in any D&D setting
-3 Alternate story paths to keep players guessing, even on repeat uses