A Word of Caution!

Apologies for not having blogs in November, it was NaNoWriMo and that absorbed all of my writing for that month. On the plus side, I made the cutoff! What I wrote will eventually be shown here, but I’m not allowed to talk about it yet. In either case, I should be able to get back to writing for this blog now. Rejoice!

This blog will soon cover a wide variety of topics. Lots of which will make claims like “Don’t split the party!” (next week). While I make statements like that all the time. It is very important to understand that there’s an understood parenthesis of (99% of the time). It is very difficult to think of a single do/don’t advice for TTRPGs that can be applied universally. I say this now in order to prevent repeating on every bit of advice “But not in ALL cases!”, as that would get extremely repetitive and I’m not here to waste anyone’s time or drive them away through boredom.

Second, and possibly a bit more controversial, It is possible I will end up sacrificing specificity in order to maintain a passable word economy. If I make myself completely understood to most people with 10 words, it’s not worth the 90 other clarifying words to get the last few stragglers. This paragraph already has been cut down for the sake of that streamlining. If it doesn’t bother you, you should be fine.

And that’s it! Next week, we’ll go over why you shouldn’t split the party (99% of the time!).

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