Update on Site, PayPal, and Plans

Some of the dust has been cleared out and we're nearly ready to put the actual products up on the site! Hurray!
Several people have signed up for the mailing list, getting both a 20% discount on their first purchase and entry for a chance to win the writeup on a new subclass for the Artificer, currently going under the name "Shaper" (An artificer who augments themself with magic implants). If you haven't signed up for the mailing list, here's the link:
PayPal is the last big sticking point right now. As soon as that's sorted out (should be within the next week), we'll be just about set.
TimpCon has come and gone. Not quite as wildly successful as FanX, but with it running the same weekend as another, much bigger con, we didn't do poorly, all things considered.

As the site gets up and running, these blog posts will branch out to focus on tips for DMing, playing, making plans (dungeons, monsters, traps, plot lines, etc.), and things like that as an overview on the game itself. If that's what you're looking for in a D&D blog, then stay tuned! If interest is shown, we've got lots of stories (both good stories and horror stories) from our ah... excessive time playing. We can do some about those as well.

All in all, everything's looking great! If you have any suggestions for what you want to see on the topics above or any ol' suggestion, put it in the comments below!

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