New Website, Who Dis? (& TimpCon)


Here we are! A website all our own and a whole new world of responsibilities. Sadly, there is no time to dwell on that; we're going to (another) convention!

Friday and Saturday October 15th and 16th in Provo, we will be having a booth in TimpCon! It's a board game convention, so we've been assured out TTRPG items will fit in just fine.

To all those who stopped by and talked or purchased items at our Salt Lake City FanX convention booth, we thank you with all our hearts. The convention was more successful than we had dared hope.

As time goes on and the construction completes on the website, we'll provide a more firm schedule with blog releases, topics, and announcements for future items in the works. At the moment, our products aren't even up yet, since PayPal is being... uncooperative. We have some big things in the works right now, and we can't wait until we can share them.

Until then, happy exploring!
-Richard of Explorer's Guild Publishing

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