Tavern Games!

Kickstarter finished! It has over 100 games you can use to enhance your roleplay in taverns, inns, casinos, wretched hives of scum and villainy, etc.

Yes, I know, it probably should have been mentioned in the blog, but heavens know I'm the second-worst marketer I've ever met. It will be on the site within a month or two, so that's great! We're just finishing up the editing, will do play testing, and then it will be good to release to you, all two of our readers. (I kid. I can't actually look at how many people read these. Comment if you exist!)

The art is a bit more of an issue. Our artist is more busy than expected, so we'll be exploring different artists. This is where I would make a joke about artists in general, but this guy has been wonderful to work with in the past, so I won't. But I really want to. (My brother is an artist, so I have license to mercilessly mock them.)

Everything is going great, and, you may or may not have noticed, we have a discord link on the bottom toolbar! Click on it and join the discord!

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